Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last week of July

Hello little one!

The last week of July was an exciting one because the summer holidays were on their way and that meant that your cousins were going to be coming from overseas.

There wasn't too much time to play around but here you are sharing a moment with Daddy on the sofa...

Daddy was all rushed because apart from finishing off various stuff he had for his work, he had to make sure that the car was washed and presentable and ready for the Summer.

Here we see how everything has come out of the boot on the left and how the nice migrants are getting ready to clean the car.

And here you are with Mummy at the airport waiting for your cousins - can you see the control tower in the distance? On the right, Mummy is changing your nappy in the boot of the car - we could never have done something like that in Daddy's Cinquecento!

You didn't go inside the airport because airports are the sort of places where little babies might easily catch pig flu from exotic travellers. By the time your cousins came and had all their luggage you had had a chance to fall asleep in Mummy's arms. You woke up soon enough when Aunty Lilly appeared with the rest of the family, though.

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