Friday, July 24, 2009

Daddy in quarantine, new soft toy

The day after the trip to Euboea, Daddy woke up feeling all queasy and weak. He even had a temperature, for the first time in ages! Because your immune system is not yet what it could be, Mummy put Daddy on the sofa for three days and called a doctor to come quick, quick, quick! The doctor came (with his bag and his hat) and he knocked at the door (with a rat-tat-tat).

Although he did not shake his head, he did make Daddy stay in bed and wrote a prescription for some pills (pills pills) because he thought he heared something odd when he put his stethoscope to Daddy's back. Daddy stayed at home for three days, you stayed in the bedroom and Daddy on the sofa, and Mummy was running between the two of us like a little electron between two covalent ions with a mask on.

Which means that all photos from this week are by Mummy!

Here's your new friend, a boomorphic stuffed toy with droopy eyes that we are calling "Mookie". Our friend Kelly brought her for you as a gift. When Daddy got better, he played with it too, making moo-ing noises which you found funny.

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