Thursday, July 16, 2009

A visit to the new Acropolis Museum

On Wednesday 15 July Mummy and Daddy took you to the new acropolis museum.

The visit to the new acropolis museum was a very exciting proposition for Mummy and Daddy and they were very much looking forward to it. The museum has been hailed as an amazing piece of architecture and design and has been the talk of the town since the opening last month. It was really nice for Mummy and Daddy to see old friends again, like the Rampin horseman, the Kritias Boy and the Blonde Boy. It was especially exciting for them to see what the back of the Kritias Boy and all the other sculpture looks like. In the old museum they were all set up with their backs against the wall, because there was not enough space…

Daddy was very upset by the ban on photography which has been imposed by the museum. He is furious and will write about it in his normal blog. He had wanted to find a nice statue to stand next to it and take a family photo with you every year as you grow older and he grows greyer... it seems this will have to wait now.

You managed to fall asleep as we arrived at the Metro station. Here we are outside the building, all angular and glass and cement.

Inside, you woke up as we reached the top floor and had a look at the bust of Alexander and some of the Roman Emperors they have on the top floor. You liked the frieze of the horsemen as well. One day Daddy will tell you about the horsemen and Marathon and the girl with her bottom showing. The whole museum is made of glass floors, which is great for looking through the floor down to the basement when you are on the top floor.

It was very close to closing time, so we left after visiting the top floor. This is Mummy with the owl of Athena patron goddess of the city, outside the museum.

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