Thursday, July 2, 2009

Visiting the cavers

Hello little one

On Wednesdays, Daddy usually goes to meet with his friends at the SELAS Caving Club. Before you were born, he used to go every Wednesday to see his friends and discuss where they would all go for exploring the coming weekend. Daddy hadn’t been for quite a few months, so he was looking forward to it. His friends at the club were meeting to arrange what they would be doing with their summer holidays so there was a lot of people there, and for this reason we dressed you up in your nice stripy outfit for you first meeting.

Daddy's friend Sophia held you for most of the night. It was great fun because Mummy and Daddy left you with Sophia and had a chance to go around and talk with their friends.

Here you are with Sophia with the climbing wall in the background. Everyone else who has brought their kids to the club has put them to play on the climbing wall. When you are a little older, you can play too. You are the second girl in the club after a line of seven boys, so it will be up to you and Nina (Prodromos' sister) to show the boys that girls can be little explorers too. Sophia took you round to show you all the photos on the walls with caving subjects which you liked.

Here is little Jason, one of the seven boys in the club. His Mummy is doing all sorts of tricks with him, throwing him in the air and over her shoulder. One day Daddy is going to play with you like Eri is playing with baby Jason.

These last two photos of you show you with Kelly at the club and while you are eating in the tackle-store. Daddy used to be in charge of the tackle store but now it is Jason's daddy who is in charge of this. Can you tell where you are in the photo on the right? You are under the sling, eating. In the background are some of the SELAS ropes.

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