Sunday, July 26, 2009

Going to the wedding reception

On 24 July some of Mummy's and Daddy's friends were getting married. This was your second invitation to a wedding, but the first one where you would stay for the reception afterwards. Georgis and Charoula were getting married. Their whole family was going to be there like they were at Easter when Mummy and Daddy had gone to the house at Sounio and you were still in Mummy's tummy. There was going to be a whole lot of people there interested in seeing what you looked like!

Off we went with Mummy down to Mesogeia and when we arrived, we put you in the sling and went out for the wedding. The bride took her time coming - the usual thing. You stayed with Daddy through the service and watched how he positioned himself for taking the photos of all the service, the exchanging of the rings and the wreaths. During the dance of Iasiah Daddy had to hide a little to avoid the rice being thrown from all directions to avoid you getting hit in your sling.

In between the ceremony and the reception, we had a whole lot of yummy snacks served and Mummy sat and fed you before we went to our table for proper food. Daddy went to get your car-seat from the car and you sat in it quite happily for the rest of the night, swinging and dancing along to songs you liked and just sitting there when the songs did not suit you.

Although you scared us to start with when you had trouble sleeping on account of the loud music, Daddy took you away in the sling and you soon fell asleep. After that, you didn't wake up again until we got home.

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