Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Ariadne!

Hello little one.

On Sunday we stayed in most of the day. It rained again and Mummy took you outside to smell how the asphalt smells when it is wet. Daddy spent a while playing around with nails and ropes to set up your insect mobile, a gift from cousin Esmeralda. Sitting on your changing mat was always god fun, but now you love to look at the insects above with their bright colours.

After this, Mummy and Daddy got you ready for your special photo-shoot. So many of our friends kept asking us what we are going to call you and we hadn't yet decided completely for quite a while after you were born. You were now ten weeks old and it was high time we announced a proper name for you that wasn't AKO. We had a whole bunch of names for you picked out while you were still in Mummy's tummy, but when we saw you, none of them seemed to fit. The name we picked in the end we liked because it has the nice "a" sound, it travels well, it is linked to Crete where Daddy was exploring before he came home to Mummy, it is linked to Naxos where Mummy was when she found out you were on your way, it is tenuously linked to cave diving on account of your ball of wool attribute and it is also linked to caves and Anatolia (one of Daddy's favourite places) through the second century saint of the same name who was rescued from her pagan pursuers when a miraculous cave opened to hide her.

We wanted to make a competition of it so we dressed you up in the attributes of your mythical namesake and put the photo on Facebook. The actual photo used is this one:

But we took a whole bunch before we managed to get you in the right pose. So, here you are, holding a sword and a ball of wool… we think it's obvious!

So - in this way, when you were 72 days old, we announced your name to the world, Ariadne.

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