Friday, July 3, 2009

First vaccination - two months old

Hello little one...

On 2 July, the nice paediatrician came home again to give you your first inoculation. You are now two months old and while Mummy and Daddy are in favour of inoculation, they really do not have the first idea about what is really necessary and what is just lettuce and parsley on the platter of good health. So, we trust the nice paediatrician, pay him for his advice and pay him for the vaccines he brings.

Grandad Y says it's all a lot of rubbish and most of the stuff that you will be inoculated for is harmless anyway. In his day they used to let the kids play in the street, get ill and then they never had to worry for the rest of their lives. They were immunised without giving a penny to Bayer and Glaxo. Those were tougher times, though before i-Pods were invented.

Anyway, it's started now, your journey.

Here you are with a bit of cotton on your thigh where the nice Paediatrician put the needle in. you don't look too upset, because you are not. You winced a little at the time, but immediately afterwards, you found your fingers and started sucking on them and then everything was fine.

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