Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At home with Mummy (rocket sled not included)

On Mondays, after the weekend, Dady goes back to work and you stay at home with Mummy. On this particular Monday, Mummy did some experiments on you to see how you manage to remain upright in forces of 1g of acceleration...

(click for bigger)

I guess these are not as bad as those photos of Captain Stapp on the rocket sled (qv) when he was a test pilot for NASA.

Here you are after all your subsonic experiments at a dizzying 1g! The extra large nappy was not employed to catch everything coming out of Mummy's little test pilot because of the stresses of acceleration and deceleration, but rather because it is a re-usable nappy from Popolino which is washed after use and then re-used, saving the environment from all sorts of harm. Probably.

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