Saturday, June 13, 2009

Granny M comes to visit

On 13 June Granny M came to see you and spent a lot of time singing the song with the owl which lives on a tree and greets the evenings whith her shout of "kou-kou-tza!". You like the song, even though Granny M sometimes forgets the words and had to call Auntie Maria out in the village to remind her.

After Granny M left Mummy and Daddy decided to try to go watch another film. This time they chose the Oasis cinema on Pratinou street which has a small screen and lots of trees to keep the area cool. You slept almost all through the film which was about an old curmudgeon and his dealings with a boy who tries to steal his car.

Not a bad film, one of Clint's best, but not well received by the critics, maybe because of the wooden acting from the supporting cast and the fact that critics don't like films with on screen eating of vast amounts of food any more.

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