Saturday, June 27, 2009

First time to a birthday party

On Saturday 27 June you were due at your first birthday party, but first we had to go to the KEP at the Municipality of Kaisariani to see whether the Municipality of Athens had sent them the birth certificates we had asked for. In the photo above, the nice lady from the KEP is sorting out your request to have an AMKA issued in your name. The AMKA is basically a social security number and everyone in Greece is going crazy trying to have them issued. It was lucky that we chose to go when we did. Most days there is chaos as all sorts of pensioners go to the offices to mill around and complain.

You have an AMKA issued in the name of AKO. Αγνώστου Κυρίου Ονόματος / Unknown First Name. Daddy (who is very keen on CSI and other crime based TV shows) finds it odd to be officially living with Jane Doe.

So, after going to the KEP, we got ready to go to Chloe and Odysseus for Chloe's third birthday party. There was a whole horde of little kids running up and down and round and round. And there was a real fairy who had come specially for Chloe's birthday, together with a face-painter. Mummy and Daddy are amazed at how much energy goes into kiddie parties, but they are glad that we have a few years left before we have to start organising them.

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