Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gym time and the stairway to heaven...

When you were 35 days old, Daddy put you on the gym-mat that Penny his co-worker got for you. It's great! It has all sorts of colours, it plays music and has all sorts of textures to touch and chew on, together with a whole range of funny things hanging from the top. Look how excited you are with it all in these images:

We can see how much fun you are having in this video as well.

After you had played in the gym, Daddy decided to sing to you. He sang about a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold...

He then got all excited and put a CD on for you, 'cos you know sometimes words have two meanings…

Later on that day, Mummy's friends Alexandros and Lisa came to give us invitations for their wedding. This is going to happen on June 21 and it will be your very first public appearance in a pubic place and public function. Mummy and Daddy are very excited about this.

Lisa has a lot of nephews and nieces and knows exactly how to hold a baby. You were both very calm together, while Alexandros seemed a little surprised at how much Daddy knows about having a baby in the house. He doesn't realise that Daddy is picking it all up as it goes along and that he'll learn it all just as easily!

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