Thursday, June 25, 2009

A visit from Aunty Athena

Hello, little one!

In the photos that follow you are wearing the kimono-like clothes that Tanya brought for you. You look great here on Dina's satin-like bedsheets.

On June 25, Aunty Igor came to visit with Aunty Athena, one of Daddy's cousins from Liopesi. It's not called Liopesi any more, but when Daddy used to go there to his cousins, this is how it was called. There's a whole bunch of places in Greece with two names. Daddy will take all sorts of pleasure in telling you about it when you grow up a little.

Here is Aunty Igor. Her real name is something else, but you'll find out about that when you are older.

And here is Daddy's cousin Athena. She has a son who is now three or four years old and soon there'll be a smaller sibling for your third cousin Sotiris.

On 25 June, Mummy weighed you and found you to be 4210gr!

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