Sunday, June 14, 2009

The tower of Anthousa, third time to Hymettus

On 14 June, Mummy and Daddy set off to go up to Hymettus. The idea was to go up and park near Kalopoula and to walk around from there. As always, even the best plans go in the bin as soon as they come face to face with reality. Kalopoula did not keep our attention too much so we went in the car up towards the tower of Anthousa.

The tower of Anthousa is a medieval building with a tiny or non-existent footprint on the internet. This means that Daddy knows very little about it. He thinks it's probably Frankish rather than Byzantine because there is little or no use of brick.

It's definitely pre-gunpowder because all the walls are flat. After gunpowder everything got built with slanty walls to make the canon balls bounce right off. So it was probably one of the funny Frankish dukes of Athens who built the fort, to keep an eye on the Northern approaches to Athens.

The funny Frankish dukes could be Burgundians, Catalans or Fiorentines, but it does not really matter. What matters is that they left this tower here and we can now visit it and play around. One day Daddy will help you climb up together with him onto the second floor and we can wave at mummy from the window on the top floor.

After all this excitement, with all the medieval stuff around us, you got hungry so mummy had to feed you out in nature again. You like eating in nature with all the leaves rustling and the bees buzzing.

Here we are all together, happy, at the picnic area on the mountain.

After you had eaten we stayed a little bit more as the sun got lower and made large shadows, and then we went back to the car.

And we set off for home after our pleasant adventure on the mountain. Mummy and Daddy plan to take you to Hymettus many more times.

When we all got home, Mummy and Daddy gave you your bath and noticed you had very silly hair after drying you. Look how silly your hair is here.

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