Monday, June 29, 2009

A trip to the sea...

On Sunday 28 June, Mummy and Daddy put you in the car and we all went south for a different sort of adventure. It was high time, we felt, that you should hear and smell the sea. You can't grow up into a little explorer if you don't know about the sea and haven't looked out over the flat horizon and wondered about what's on the other side of the water, what sort of people they are and how they run their cities. We have been to the mountain three times now, so it was time for the sea.

Some of Mummy's friends live close to the sea: Aggeliki with George and Theodora and of course Maria T, who is in the photo with us below.

You didn't seem too impressed with the sea, and slept for most of the time that we were out there. I guess you are not ready yet for the concept of the infinite boundlessness that the horizon forces us to face. Daddy prefers the comfort of a high and jagged horizon with hills and mountains limiting the space in which he can move, although he does recognize and occasionally seek out the stimulus that the sea can provide for freeing horizontal thought from the shackles of the nearby.

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