Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A special visit - 34 days old

When you were 34 days old, Mummy and Daddy had a special visitor. This special visitor is none other than General Lia, who organised Mummy and Daddy's wedding in October last year! She hadn't had an opportunity to see you yet and she had come all the way from the island of Syros to see you.

You were very nice and quiet in her arms while she told us all stories about how life is on the islands of the Cyclades during the rainy winter months. The Cyclades used to be heavily wooded in the past thanks to that same rain that Lia was telling us about, but after the Venetians came, they felled the trees to make ships and, as usual, the future was sacrificed on the altar of the present, this time by over-logging.

Speaking of which, there's a large forest called the Amazon in South America. I am curious how much of it will be left by the time you read these pages.

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