Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back home - first day

Today you woke up in your new home with Mummy and Daddy. Daddy wasn't at work so he spent the day looking at you and looking after you. He really likes holding you and singing songs.

You were quiet and slept most of the day and when you weren't sleeping you were sitting next to the window looking at the world around you. Whenever you are in Mummy's arms you sit and look at her:

You have been trying on all sorts of clothes and each time you get dirty you want to see how you look in your new outfits. Here you are in an outfit you were given by cousin Esmeralda:

Pretty good, huh?

You know what else Mummy and Daddy noticed today? They like the way you sit with your legs crossed, like the little tailor. Every opportunity you cross your legs! It makes changing your nappies quite tough, but it amuses Mummy and Daddy to look at.

It's almost the end of your first day home. Let's see what we get up to tomorrow!

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