Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Your first full day of life

On Sunday 3 May 2009, you had your first full day of life in the Leto maternity hospital.

When Daddy came you were already in the room and you stayed there until the evening visit round.

Daddy spent much of the day singing to you to keep you from crying. You like the song called "Ducker" and the song called "Good Night". Daddy used to sing "Good Night" to you while you were still inside Mummy together with "Mr. John Blunt". Mummy and Daddy think this one is a funny choice because the song gets faster and faster to the end and it is not very good for keeping a baby calm.

Today daddy filmed your first web video, and put it up on YouTube:

Daddy likes this because it shows how you are still trying to taste your environment just like you used to do in the amniotic sac

Here is a photo with Daddy that the neighbour took:

Ismini came and Granny M. and later Penny and Kelly came to visit. All of them came in secretly outside normal visiting hours, but Daddy showed them in to the ward sneakily.

You stayed in the room with Mummy and Daddy nearly all day. At visiting time in the evening, you were taken away without having had any food because you were sleeping at feeding time.

Here is a nice photo of you and Mummy:

And another with Granny M:

In the evening more visitors came to see you, but you had been taken away. These were Great Uncle Christos and Great Aunts Alexandra and Theresa, together with uncle Stelios, Mummy's friends Marilise, Maria and Antonia came and Daddy's friends Komninos with Irini and Yiota.

None of the visitors managed to see you, but they all saw the cool photos that Daddy had taken during the day and they left you many nice presents.

Some of the visitors:

Granny M went with the Great Aunts and left Daddy to sit with Mummy while you fed. You are still having a little trouble together with Mummy in getting the yummy stuff out of the breast, but each time you succeed, you get better at it! After feeding daddy went home and you stayed with Mummy.

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