Sunday, May 10, 2009

First time out on the balcony

Hello little one...

Today you woke up with a nice little scratch on your cheek - it looks like your nails are getting a little too long, but the nice paediatrician at the maternity hospital has said that they should not cut them for six weeks. We'll ask the nice pediatrician who will come tomorrow what he thinks about this.

Last night you were more restless than any other night - you had Mummy awake from 2.30 in the morning until 7 in the morning and you did not want to rest at all. mummy and Daddy started looking at their books because they do not want to give you the dummy yet, but they don't know what else they can do.

During the day Daddy tried to hold you in a way that Litsa the midwife showed him, with you lying on your tummy with your head near his elbow. It went very well and you were a lot calmer today. It lets you look ahead and see what you are doing and where you are going.

Daddy managed to do some work on one of the other websites he looks after: with you in his hands like this. This photo shows how he was holding you and typing everything with only his right hand. Mummy made him some toast and some coffee to keep him going. You fell asleep after a while. Another discovery today was that you like black and white music videos. We started out with you in this position watching the Kinks All day and All the Night, and you relaxed and fell asleep before Daddy could put on You Really Got Me.

In this video you have already fallen asleep! Later on that day Daddy played some Animals videos and some Doors videos. You preferred the Animals and Kinks.

Another good trick we tried was to put you in your sling. Here mummy is talking to a friend and you are in the sling. You are far more comfortable than you look and slept in there for hours today.

Mummy took you outside to the front balcony to see the Cinquecento when I came back from the chemists and later you came out with Daddy as well to look at the bats which were flying around the back garden. You probably couldn't tell that they were bats out the back, but I am sure one day you will know the families and species better than Daddy.

Daddy is going to work tomorrow for the first time. He's not looking forward to it too much because he will be leaving Mummy on her own. Tomorrow the nice paediatrician is coming so Daddy will only be away for half the day anyway.

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