Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A week full of firsts

Hello little one.

It's been a week full of first times. Daddy has been very busy so he didn't have a chance to write about each few days as they passed. He's writing now, from the waiting lounge at Gate 10 in Otopeni airport in Bucharest. Some day you will come to Bucharest too and hopefully it will be a much better place when you come than it is now. Daddy is helping the programme to stop prejudice against the Roma people.

Anyway, let's start the discussion with a visit from your Auntie Igor early in the week. She didn't stay to watch bathtime, but she stayed long enough to rival Granny M. for pulling a silly face while holding you. Look at this one:

On Monday night, we swaddled you! Everyone at the hospital and elsewhere was telling us that babies don't need to be swaddled like they were in the past. But now, in America, they have different ideas and your cousins Irene and Evgenia sent you a "swaddler" from America. It's meant to keep you snuggled up like you were in utero. Well, you are still a little small for it, but you sure liked having your arms pressed up against you while you were inside it.

Here you are sitting on Daddy's lap, swaddled. You stayed quiet for long enough for us to want to try it again some other day.

On Saturday, Daddy doesn't go to work and the two of us spent the morning trying to see how many hairs we could get to stick to your cheeks. Well, we weren't actually trying to do that, but it happened! You had a really good time lying on Daddy and kicking your feet back and forth.

Later in the day Mummy and Daddy took you for a drive. Here you can see how happy you are in the car seat before the drive. You slept your whole time in the car, so you missed both Granny Y and Grandad P. Still it was a good trial run for Sunday, to know that we could put you safely into the car and drive around.

That afternoon we discovered that some times, you are not too keen on being photographed with flash. This is a rather funny photo because you reacted to the pre-flash and the real flash caught you as you were complaining.

Daddy generally does not like using flashes and prefers to shoot with available light even if it means he gets more grain. Like in this photo of you after bath-time. You really enjoy bath-time whenever you get under that warm water!

After drying you Mummy put you in your eco-friendly re-usable nappies. We are very excited to be helping the environment like this, whatever some bad people are saying about the wasted water needed to wash the nappies every time you fill them with your green poo. I guess this is as good a time as any for Daddy to refute the information he had received from Elektra's mum before you were born that Baby's poo does not smell bad. Oh yes it does. End of story.

So here you are in the eco-nappy! Mummy says you look like the black-and-white actor Avlonitis in his big trousers. You will look so much better when you grow a bit…

This is a photo of you on the morning of Sunday. On Sunday, Daddy went to work to help write the proposal for a big project in the Ukraine and when he came back, you went for a big adventure with him and Mummy.

All set for the big adventure?

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