Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Paediatrician, David Gilmour and the herbs

Hello little one...

It's been two days since Daddy wrote here about what you have been up to. That's because Daddy had to go back to work on Monday, because the Greek state has a very advanced social policy regarding new fathers and allows the father to be away from work for two whole days! Daddy took three more days off from his annual leave to be with you at home for your first few days back.

On Monday the nice Paediatrician came. He had been suggested to us by Litsa the midwife and although he's quite old, he seemed bright and sprightly enough on the phone and made a good impression on Mummy and Daddy when he came. He brought some papers for Mummy and Daddy to read and told us a few things, most of which were just what we thought we wanted to hear! One thing that we were not expecting was that he said that no one should visit for six months! Mummy and Daddy think this is crazy, but they are going to try to tread on the safe side of the golden mean. The nice paediatrician measured you while he was at home with us. You are 200gr heavier than when you were born, and 1cm longer!

Mummy and Daddy have been trying all sorts of tricks to keep you quiet and happy. Here you are in Mummy's sling.

You like the sling because you are always close to Mummy and you can feel her warmth and it keeps you all snug and wrapped up. For the same reason you like to sit on Mummy's breastfeeding cushions:

On Monday night Granny M came and watched Mummy and Daddy give you a bath. Here are some photos of bathtime. You like being given a bath under the tap in the sink!

Daddy holds you usually, and Mummy sponges you down with the nice natural sponge. Sponges are animals too and Daddy can't wait to tell you all about the strange animals that you cannot imagine existing on this earth with us.

Here you are getting dressed again after your bath and here you are getting your hair brushed after getting dressed. Mummy and Daddy are wondering how come your hair looks so straight, since Daddy has wavy hair and Mummy's is slightly curly!

Here are two photos of you playing with Daddy and making faces on the sofa:

Wake up! Daddy, I want to play!

When Granny M. came on Monday, we found that you like the strings on a Paganini CD we played for you. Tonight, Daddy put on the album "On an Island" by David Gilmour. Daddy likes the CD and wonders which epoch of Pink Floyd you will prefer: Barrett, Waters or Gilmour. He wants to do some experiments tomorrow.

Daddy did some more experiments today with smells. After seeing how you liked to have the leaf of Marjoram near your nose, Daddy brought some Mint from the balcony and crushed it under your nose. You liked it very much. Daddy is almost sure you were interested in the smell and not in the movement of his fingers around your nose. Tomorrow he's going to play with Thyme and other herbs that are on the balcony. One day you will be old enough to look after the plants together with Daddy.

That's all the news for this part of the week. Tomorrow Granny M and Aunty Igor are coming.

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  1. Eiste yperochoi goneis, i fanarozacharoyla einai poli ticheri...M' aresei para poli na vlepo tis fotografies kai na diavazo ayta poy grafei o Stelios, niotho tosi zestasia. I zacharofanaroyla einai panemorfi, pos anipomono na ti do...