Friday, May 29, 2009

Mummy's birthday

On Thursday, Mummy had her birthday and Grannies M and Y came with Grandpa P. You spent the whole night sleeping on one or other of the grannies and they took it in turns to hold you or to eat.

Here you are with Granny Y and Mummy - three generations of Taurus born in May!

And here you are with Granny Y and Grandad P!

During the afternoon, you went out with Mummy in the sling all the way to Ethnikis Antistaseos street to get the birthday cake! Mummy took care to let you smell all the nice smells on the way there, especially the roast meat smells coming from Arkhontas across the road.

Here is a funny picture of you from this week where you are trying to copy the little boy on the dolphin from the Augustus of the Prima Porta type:

The photo on the left is by a chap called Andreas Wahra and it has a creative commons license, which means that Daddy can do what he likes with it as long as he mentions Andreas as the original creator. Isn't living in the 21st century cool, huh?

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