Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photos from fourth week of life...

Here you are in the dining room - which will soon enough be your bedroom!

Here you are sleeping on the sofa.

Here you are on the bed with Daddy... he was reading to you from your book again, earlier. You are now four weeks old in these photos!

Silly little-one, there's no food in Mummy's nose for you!

Here you are all happy and set for your trip into town to go shopping! Mummy and Daddy took you to Zara and Notos Galleries at Omonoia and you had all sorts of new sights and sounds to enjoy! Everyone was looking at us and saying how small you are and they let us jump the queue to pay. It was really quite funny to see everyone's reactions to having you with us in the sling.

Daddy took this photo because he likes the way your feet and hands look when you are in the sling. on the way back from the shopping trip, we went all together all three of us to the supermarket to get some new nappies.

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