Monday, May 4, 2009

Your birthday!

On Saturday 2 May, Daddy came to find Mummy at the maternity hospital. Mummy had woken up earlier and was with Litsa the midwife already in the birthing area, where all the babies are born. When daddy arrived, Litsa came to find him and dressed him in his special clothes for helping with the birth.

Then Daddy sat with Mummy and waited for the contractions to come to help push you out of Mummy's tummy where you had been waiting for so many months. It was nine thirty. After about one hour, Dr. G came to say good morning. He then examined mummy and said that things were moving on from the night before and broke mummy's waters - which weren't really mummy's waters at all, but your waters! After that, things got a little more regular and by the time daddy went for lunch and saw Granny M and Granny Y, mummy was well on the way to letting you out. After lunch when Daddy came back, he sat and talked with Dr. G, who game mummy an epidural to help things along. After the epidural, Dr. G and Litsa the midwife helped clear the route a little to bring you closer to the way out. By about five o'clock, it was all nearly over and daddy could see your black hair. It was time to move from the labour room where mothers get ready to bring their children into the world, into the birthing room where the final step is taken...

There, they put the rubber gloves on daddy and helped mummy push, while Dr. G got out the Japanese vacuum pump to suck you out!

Your head came out first, and then your hand raised like superman next to it! And then everyone could see why we had so much trouble with your coming, your umbilical cord was wrapped around your shoulder like a strange girdle - almost like the Cycladic guy in the museum.

Every time you tried to push on the cervix, you were being held back by the cord! Once you were out, they gave you to Daddy so he could cut the cord and then they washed you and got you all ready for your first public appearance.

You went out to the two grannies with daddy and the midwife. Then we went back to mummy and you tried to feed a little and we all sat together for some time until mummy and daddy went up to their room. You then went for checking and bloodtyping (you are A+) and were brought into mummy's room after nine o'clock.

Mummy then fed you again, and you saw Ismini and Granny M who had come to visit, before going to sleep.

Mummy and daddy were very happy to finally see you and see what you looked like.

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