Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paediatrician II: 2cm growth in ten days...

On Friday the nice Paediatrician came to see you again while Daddy was at work. You were 190 grammes more than last time (a week earlier) and weighed in at 3160gr. You also had grown 2cm in ten days and had a head circumference 5mm bigger than last time. It seems all that feeding is having some effect on something other than your poo, after all.

On Friday evening Maggie and Lefteris came to visit and brought you something to play with. Daddy had his doubts about how interesting this new toy would be, but in the end, he saw that you were overjoyed to have it and watch everything go round. The musical mobile, together with the dummy form the first line of defense against your grumbling whenever you get a little grumbly (which isn't that often).

Mummy and Daddy were a little bit apprehensive at first, but only a few minutes of classical midis later, they were sold!

Here you are enjoying the music:

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