Saturday, May 9, 2009

You are now a week old!

Hello little one...

You are now a week old.The week did not go too fast for Mummy and Daddy because they were learning all sorts of new things.

Mummy has been reading to you like she used to while you were still in her tummy and Daddy still sings to you - the same old songs, because he cannot find where he has put his song-book.

Granny M came to visit inthe morning on Friday and she held you for a long time and let you sleep on her. She likes to hold you very much and comes to visit as often as she can.

In this photograph, you are sleeping on top of her. Mummy and Daddy are not sure whether we should let you sleep on us or whether you should get to know that sleep is for your basket. It is difficult for them to make these decisions, because you find it very calming to be sleeping on top of someone else.

During the night in between your sixth and seventh day of life, your link with your previous life was lost. Your umbilical cord stump came off while Mummy was changing you and she didn't notice until it fell on the floor. Mummy does not want to keep it, and Daddy is not going to insist.

This is your first official photo without your umbilical cord stump.

Other things that are new are the way you smile more and more often - Mummy and Daddy are sure that you are not actually smiling yet but just making the smiley face motions as a reflex action. Sometimes you smile in your sleep and sometimes you open one eye while sleeping like you are trying to check that Mummy and Daddy are both there.

Here is another self portrait with Daddy that he likes.

On your one-week birthday, Mummy and Daddy decided to try and put you into the rocker. It is still a little big for you but they are worried that you are confused about your basket because they are letting you sit in it while you are awake, and then when they want you to sleep you don't. Two nights in a row now you have kept Mummy and daddy up from three am until morning because you don't want to sleep after eating and don't like to sit quietly.

Later on Saturday, Grandad P and Granny Y came to visit.

Here you are with Grandad P in the rocker. We talked about your name a little with Grandad P because he likes talking about names and Mummy and Daddy have changed their minds about all the names they had chosen while you were in Mummy's tummy. After all the discussion and even after Aunt Lily sent ideas by SMS, there was still no decision about the name.

Here you are with Grandad P and Granny Y. Later on Granny M came too and Mummy made her first trip outside the house to go to the supermarket. This was very exciting for everyone because it helps signal that life will go on and almost everything will be as it was before. Soon Mummy and Daddy are thinking of going to the supermarket together with you in the sling. Now that your stump has come off, we'll be able to do all sorts of new things at home and outside the house also.

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