Thursday, May 7, 2009

Leaving the maternity ward

So, the day finally came when you had to leave the maternity ward. The doctors gave you your marching orders with only a little bit of jaundice and everything else in good health. Daddy spent the day rushing about paying bills and ferrying things to the car, while Mummy got all her things together.

After a little time the midwife came to show us how to wash you again and how to dress you. The midwives do this every day to tens of babies so they make it look very easy to lift you and manipulate your legs and arms for washing.

She then cut your armband and gave us your papers and sent us all on our way. Daddy went to get the car and we all set off for home.

When we got home, while Mummy sorted the things out, Daddy showed you around the house and got your basket ready.

Here you are in the basket that Granny M got for you. In the photo, you are not used to it yet, but already now you like it very much. Mummy and Daddy cleaned you up and changed your nappy, then after you had fed you took a nap. They are both amazed at how calm and quiet you have been this first day.

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